We Measure.
You Grow, safely.

We integrate with your existing CCTV system, so there is no need for additional hardware. We can measure almost every visual action in all your locations, in real time, to enable you to drive performance and improve decision making

Keep your business safer and operational when Covid-19 requires social distancing

We have created solutions that drive safety compliance, from notifying you when a staff is not wearing their mask, to ensuring that hand sanitizer is available and used at key locations

Making better decisions

Yedda’s Performance Improvement system can help your business go live faster, roll out process changes more quickly, and maintain the agility of your operation. Real-time data is accessible in real time on our dashboard and mobile app

Our add services value

Partnering with Yedda means you can ensure your processes are completed more efficiently and more safely

How it works

Getting started with Yedda and driving performance improvement in your team is fast and easy

1. Connect
We connect to your existing cameras, then work with you to define the key metrics that will generate the most value for your business

2. KPI's
We collaborate to define KPI’s for your team, ideally linking them to compensation

3. Improvement
We work together to analyze performance, and broaden, deepen, or change measurements as needed

What we offer

We enable our partners to feel safer and to drive growth by providing an effective management tool. All users, from C-level executives to store-level team members, can see the impact their and their team’s performance

Maximize Capabilities

Our SaaS provides a remote management tool that is curated to meet your evolving needs

Trusted by

"We entered Yedda safety project for DHL/NESTLE into our CEO awards (internal DHL competition). For Thailand, we won GOLD and it will go to Regional office for the board to review."